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Welcome to Roka - a new type of restaurant and street bistro in the heart of Rovaniemi. Strongly influenced by the United States, Italy and our own home of Finnish Lapland - Roka provides a friendly, personal and intimate 25-seater, neighborhood restaurant where we offer to you what we do best: serving bistro-style & street food made from the finest ingredients, chock-full of authentic & original flavors and accompanied with refreshing and sophisticated beverages.

The dream of having our own restaurant has been a mutual passion that we have shared since we began our studies. Together, we have finally realized our dream and proudly present it to you for your enjoyment.

We warmly welcome you to Roka!
Best wishes, Toni & Sanna

Roka satisfies your appetite!

Originating from both near and far, Roka utilizes only the finest raw ingredients in our dishes, making our food fresh, crisp and delectably tasty. Food and its flavors are to be enjoyed, but satisfying your appetite and keeping your hunger away, should not go unnoticed. That’s why at Roka, you will always get the best of both worlds - delicious and unique dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and fill your tummy.

A magnificent fisherman, Toni infuses his years of experience and meticulously crafted skills to assemble a menu that highlights his passions for food and culinary creation. When it comes to our other proteins, we select only the highest-quality meats from around Finland to use in our dishes.

Sanna’s job - and also her hobby - is wine. Specializing in selecting the perfect wine to compliment your food, as well as being a fountain of knowledge in everything wine-related, you’re sure to get an experience that you’ve never experience before when you dine at Roka. There you have it. Our passions on display – in our menu and in Roka’s atmosphere.

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Our drink menu, much like our restaurant, is small - but don’t let its size fool you. Carefully planned and executed with a true passion, we take great care in providing the best quality beverages to go with all of our dishes. By regularly changing our offered beverages we are able to always offer new tastes for the present season, as well as provide suitable and quality beverages at an affordable price to go along with any dish you may select.

Looking for something refreshing, sophisticated and sans alcohol? We also offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to suit our diners’ desires. Taste and sample our fine wines and other refreshing beverages with an assortment of Antipasti.


Restaurant Roka | Ainonkatu 3LH2, 96200 Rovaniemi
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Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12 - 21| Fri 12 - 22| Sat 12 - 22| Sun 12-21